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photo Yuichi Nakamura
blood type O
born in 1957 @Japan
Resident in Osaka-City from Shiga-pref

When an encounter with my music there is still me in a stomach of mother. Father put the radio which music sounded like by antenatal training to 7 around a stomach of mother.....I hear when I was born.....
It will be an encounter. I seem to have sung a song in after born eight months. I flip a time organ of 1 year old and a half and learn a piano from 3 years old.

I used five flights paper for music instead of a learning notebook since the age of an elementary school.I made a symphonic poem of time"enthusiasm"of elem- entary school gread 6. It is a work of the first orchestral music that I made. The music did a presentation (ho.ho)to a girl (shame) who liked it in those days. I think that the girl whom I took was annoying. The elementary school / the junior high school received a key of music room of a school. (I occupied it?) It was time of 16 years old that I commanded an orchestra for the first time,and the music was finlandia of Sibelius and the fifth ha ngarian dance music of Brahms. I was glad that it was encored. I began surfing since the age of 18 years old (if there is still a going opportunity, I go)

Employment by a record company! I began multiplex recording of a synthesizer and eight channel open reel at that time. It was almost classical music, but played YMO (yellow magic orchestra) and a family and the ventures which were popular in those days. I sang chage & Asuka and Shogo Hamada. (Hey! which I carry it on my back and sing!) Most of pipe strumming the string of a bow to ward off evil get possible to play the musical instrument.(violin is no good) which there was when I helped with sound of the Takarazuka Operetta. With the fourth movement of the ninth symphony of Beethoven I made with multiplex recording in 1993, I did a private concert with a chorus of an acquaintance. Approximately 60 spectators. But it see ms to have been quite good. It is the mallet handle which I took in old days.

But I have a license of amateur radio communications. I acquired a license during elementary school 5 gread. It is while still giving DTM.I give radio control model. I do it, and U control. a radio control car since the days of a pri mary schoolchild mainly now (an engine car). I like an airplane (a scale airplane and a helicopter), but unfortunately there is not a place to flght. So I have two radio control of surfing models. It is quite pleasant. All of you al ready consider it as comprehension, but I remain and do that I want to do it. I like music, and I like amateur radio communications, and I doing a surfing. I like this imbalance by oneself. (ho.ho) But I continue music throughout the life.

A dream becomes childhood and the same conducter and there is it. It is a dream to have own orchestra. This dream is the beginning my music production.

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