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●Process of my DTM works.

Process of my DTM works.

When I produce music, there are not feelings in particular.And I settle one's ear for a reliance. Of condition when is good, even music of a full orchestra makes around 30 measures plainly. However, I can write it for hours till I can understand and solve it when I hear sound 1 that I do not like for oneself by a sound. Probably this will be character.When I did multiplex recording in analog, if anything, the feeling of satisfaction that was completed than completed music was big because one's finger which resisted a keyboard was a reliance. It, I am a story in the days of 25.6 years old.(almost ramming down is the mainstream, but plays the keyboard now to sometimes show a real feeling such as a percussion instrument.)

It has access to Yamaha sound source / keyboard / MIDI line/486 of Epson. PC to have become the present model. FD of this PC use 5 inches. The software had forgot what it was, but ordered it from Germany. Movement is slow this PC! It does not move in it satisfactorily. It is 1990. I produced all symphony's of Beethoven by multiplex recording of analog after all. (ashamed when I hear it now) I think that it becomes the origin of present DTM to have met Mac ( 620.5220) in 1994. It is DTM with a PC literally. The peripheral equipment changed, but there is considerably the thing which does not change. It is a sequence soft. I look in various ways, and the software considerably poured money, but a thing using is the best now after all!(there is a difficult point in various ways) About my music production spot and the environment, I intend to do among them announcement. Probably the spot of my DTM may considerably slip off from a DTM
fan of the world, but, oh, is good?

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