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production works

■An audition sound source is MP 3.A media player regenerates it automatically.
■When I cannot revitalize MP3, please download reproduction software.
■Music reproduction is 128kbps 44KHz MP3. Sound quality is a little bad, but I beg you to understand my position.
■Such a music wants to hear it and in addition, please inform me by e-mail if there were impressions.
■You can hear it by a better sound if You can use headphones or an audio system. please test it.

preview preview vote vote 歌詞ページ lyric new!  

previewvote Elton John Musical Aida  Written in the stars karaoke 

previewvote Tetsuya Komuro Piano Solo

previewvote Globe Can't stop Fall'n Love karaoke

previewvote Ayumi Hamasaki Seasons  karaoke

previewvote Tomomi Kahara Save Your Dream karaoke


Let's get mp3player. Windows Media Playerのダウンロードはこちらから

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